Mobile Library   

Freshta Karim, an Oxford School Graduate, is the founder and director of a mobile library called Charmaghz in Afghanistan. Through Charmaghz, Freshta and her team are helping bring the joy of reading and spirit of critical thinking to hundreds of children around Kabul city. With around 300 visitors a day and hundreds of books in Persian, Pashto and English, the library, which is hosted on an actual bus, is on a roll. 

Read The Children is almost officially launched!  We have an amazing team of current and retired educators to offer educational support and guidance to those in the trenches. We are starting in Afghanistan and Istanbul to provide educational material, technology and guidance, we hope you join us on this journey. 

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Located in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey, our center runs learning, social and recreational programs for displaced people in the Faith neighborhood.

Yusra Community Center provides a fun and safe learning space for children, who otherwise have no access to knowledge. We are a place of guidance for families, providing or assisting with medical needs, legal matters, skills training, language and literacy activities, and information services.

Children’s Program

Children averaging four to six years old walk through our doors to a friendly space. We offer numerous psycho- social programs, including art therapy and music workshops. Students are fed hot freshly prepared nutritious meals twice in the day and are provided a safe space to play. Our program focuses on school readiness; equipping children to smoothly integrate into public schools.

Family Wellbeing

At Yusra, we come alongside families as a whole. We help families understand their rights as refugees; assisting them in registering for Turkish IDs, receiving medical care and registering children in public schools. We have hosted health and parenting workshops, language clubs, and women’s livelihood activities. We also run psychosocial intervention programs for families.

Green Village Schools


The Green Village Schools is a non-profit organization committed to increasing literacy in under served areas of Afghanistan. Our vision is to build and support schools in Helmand Province that offer boys and girls the basic education required for participation in local, national and global economies. This initiative seeks to improve the lives of these communities by providing health education, potable water, and a model for good sanitation at the schools. This team believes that investing in the education and health of young people in Afghanistan is the best way, perhaps the only way, to promote peace and prosperity in the long run.  

This project started in March 2001 with only 16 students. It grew to over 1,200 boys and girls by 2008. Sadly, tragedy struck in October 2008 when an unidentified group of men looted the institution, bulldozed it, and destroyed everything, leaving it in a heap of rubble.


We see the impact that this initiative has had on the students and the village of Shin Kalay as well as the devastating aftermath of its loss. We wish to encourage them on their emotional journey to rebuild the school, from the fundraising efforts in the US to the brick-by-brick reconstruction in the village.

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