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We've put together a team from all over of educators for support with educational materials to refugee children, children of war and those who have been relocated. It's a way for teachers to extend their knowledge and skills to those on the globe most in need.

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Although Mary Tovey started Read The Children (RTC) in 2019, the seeds of a nonprofit for literacy go back three decades. Mary taught for 26 years in the Albuquerque, New Mexico, Public School System, primarily in the area of reading for teenagers with trauma-based brains. Most of her students were either homeless or considered At-Risk.   When she retired, she wanted to take her knowledge out to a broader reach and provide support for children who either had to relocate due to war and conflict, or were living in areas where assistance and access to educational material and funds was extremely limited. During several visits to Istanbul, Turkey, where she visited a small organization that assisted very young Syrian Refugees that a friend volunteered at, she saw firsthand how small organizations in countries with limited resources, and little access to funding, continued to work tirelessly in the face of little support to serve children in dire need of basic survival items, as well as basic educational needs. 

Mary reached out to other educators and formed Read The Children, a group of experienced teachers, which offers educational advice, guidance and supplies to existing, small, organizations already working to improve the lives of children. She knew through her own experience that an early introduction to basic literacy for children who had experienced trauma was the single best way to improve the quality of their lives going forward. Many of the students Mary worked with during her career came from Mexico and she had observed how learning a new language and basic reading skills were essential in these students’ successful integration into their new communities.

 Mary had witnessed time and again what a difference adequate educational materials meant in furthering literacy. She knew that access to those very basic materials in many countries is not a given; many children lack access to even the most basic supplies. Her goal is to ensure that those supplies are provided and that children get what they need to succeed. 

Read The Children is made up of all volunteers who provide professional guidance and basic educational supplies to already-existing organizations in developing countries where access to such assistance is either limited or non-existent. This enables those orgs to help children from within the country, providing them with relevant, accessible educational tools to build on as they grow. 

Currently RTC is partnering with two organizations both of which Mary knows well and has experience with: Border Partners in Palomas, Mexico along the USA border, and the Yusra Center in Istanbul, Turkey.

- Our Team
  • Nanci Douglas Cairns 

  • Shahla Raza 

  • Yasemin Rodriguez Corzo 

  • Dawn Neely Randalll 

  • Matt Given 

  • Peggy Voss Jenner 

  • Rocio Cardenas

  • Peter Stambler 

  • Teresa Cutler-Broyles 

  • Tish Frederick 

  • Mohammad Nasir

  • Zahor Sue Çelik